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Guangzhou Ling Jie air purification equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd., referred to as the Guangzhou Ling Jie, is a professional air filter and air purification equipment manufacturer, sales of "Ling Jie" brand of Coarse,medium,high efficiency particulate air filter and air shower, pass box, and HEPA filter outlet, FFU, 100 laminar flow hood, clean bench, ventilation cabinet, central laboratory bench, biological safety cabinets and other air purification equipment.   Over the years, our company has more than 1200 customers at home and abroad to establish a good relationship of cooperation, customers are widely distributed in the bio pharmaceutical, medical, food, chemical, electronics, precision instruments, scientific research, teaching, aerospace, military and other industries.   Our company has outstanding talents, advanced production equipments, strict product quality control system, strong production capacity.   Welcome to call us or send E-mail to us to  talk about cooperation.
GZLJ will join the 115 session of the Canton Fair with Hebei machinery import and Export Corporation
This cooperation with Hebei machinery import and export company booth, our company provide exhibits, and with our brand and trademark promotion way. This exhibition date from April 15th to April 22nd, at the appointed time, welcome the new and old customers friends to visit our products fair.
The booth is located in machinery and equipment -- small machinery, air filter exhibitors mainly include high efficiency filter, HEPA filter without clapboard clapboard, HEPA filters, the early effect of folded filter, initial efficiency of bag filter, bag filter in effect, the cylindrical filter, air purifier filters, activated carbon fiber filter, metal filter, nylon filter.
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电        话:020-84550045(50线)
传        真:020-84550845
手        机:15986393360
联  系  人:刘蜜斯
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